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“When girls are educated, their countries become stronger and more prosperous." — Michelle Obama

Offering girls basic education is one sure way of giving them power to make choices over the kinds of lives they wish to lead. An educated girl/woman has the skills, information and self-confidence that she needs to be a better parent, worker and citizen.

Bitiya is trying to make a difference in the lives of girls from early childhood, which enhances their self-esteem and prepares them for future. Below are some information regarding our current projects, as well as a link to view our past endeavors.

PARAMOUNT (2016-Present)

This project, which began in 2016, is centered around girls from the town of Jagatpur. These girls come from families who are only able to provide minimal food and clothing, and as such have been forced to place education on the back burner. Bitiya India team was able to convince the families of these girls that education can be a huge benefit for their daughter and their future. Since 2016, has been sponsoring 12 of these young girls, aged 4-8, to attend Paramount, a school located in Jaipur.


 UDAAN (2019- Present)

Bitiya has spread its wings to Pune in Western India. Bitiya is partnering with Mahila Seva Mandal, an organization which helps underprivileged young girls who are either orphans or have single mothers. After speaking with the girls and their teachers, we observed that the girls are bright and eager to pursue higher education.  We are providing these girls extra coaching classes to maintain their grade and preform well in school. Bitiya will also be working with the girls'  on improving their understanding of the English language and their confidence in speaking English.


Our objective is to:

  • Help them become confident and assertive

  • Inculcate moral values among the girls to help them become better versions of themselves

  • Motivate them to excel

Bitiya is currently supporting 45 girls to achieve their goals.


SCHOLARSHIP (2018-Present)

Scholarships not only reduces financial burden but also encourages students to  enroll in a degree program. It gives students an incentive to perform academically and work consistently toward completing their degree. It boost their confidence to work towards a better future. 

Our scholarship program is geared towards high school and under graduate students. Bitiya requires students to enroll in full time school and maintain grades. Starting 2018 Bitiya is supporting two girls in Mohali, Punjab. These girls are in 9th grade and their goal is to become a doctor and police officer. 


Lions club an international organization is running a primary school in Dandeli. Dandeli only business in the area, is a paper mill.

Bitiya discovered that some worker of the paper mill were not sending their children to school. Bitiya is now sponsoring for 8 girls to attend school. 

Visit our                                    page to learn more about Bitiya's projects through the years

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