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UDAAN (2019-2020) 

Bitiya had spread its wings to Pune in Western India. Bitiya partnered with Mahila Seva Mandal, an organization which helps underprivileged young girls who are either orphans or have single mothers. After speaking with the girls and their teachers, we observed that the girls were bright and eager to pursue higher education. We had provided these girls extra coaching classes to maintain their grade and perform well in school. Bitiya also worked with the girls' on improving their understanding of the English language and their confidence in speaking English.
Our objectives were to:​

  • Help them become confident and assertive

  • Inculcate moral values among the girls to help them become better versions of themselves

  • Motivate them to excel

Bitiya was able to support 45 girls on their path to achieve their goals.



Lions club is an international organization is running a primary school in Dandeli. Dandeli, the only business in the area, is a paper mill.
Bitiya discovered that some of the paper mill workers were not sending their children to school. Bitiya had sponsored 8 girls to attend school.

SCHOLARSHIP (2018-2020) 

Scholarships not only reduced financial burden but also encouraged students to enroll in a degree program. It gave students an incentive to perform academically and work consistently toward completing their degree. It boosted their confidence to work towards a better future. 
Our scholarship program was geared towards high school and undergraduate students. Bitiya required students to enroll in full time school and maintain their grades. Bitiya supported two girls in Mohali, Punjab. These girls joined Scholarship in 9th grade and their goals are to become a doctor and a police officer. 

 Skarma Lotus Zangmo
Grade 11
 Lamdon School, Leh
Grade 12
 Ishey Lhamo
  Grade 10
 Siddharta School, Stok

LADAKH (2016-2018)
This past endeavor aimed to support three young girls in Ladakh by providing them funding for their education and boarding. There was a desire on the part of both girls and their families for education. Without external funding, some of the girls would not have had a chance of receiving a formal education after primary level. By providing these three girls the support and opportunity to grow, Bitiya hoped that this will act as a catalyst for change in the communities of Ladakh.
We would like to especially thank Anita Bajpay. On her trip to Ladakh in June 2017 she was able to visit and select these three girls from  the schools in Leh and surrounding villages.



In January 2013, a vocational center for girls was opened. Bitiya had partnered with Bharat Vikas Parishad in Punchkula, Haryana to create this vocational school for underprivileged girls and women. The center provided training in computer courses, stitching, cosmetology, and English speaking courses. In addition, the training taught skills that could help students become entrepreneurs.

Bitiya funded the construction of the entire project, which enabled the program to have a dedicated floor with facilities to run these programs. The program is self sustained and funded now. Since its inception several women have graduated and found jobs successfully.


In 2015, Bitiya partnered with Foundation for Excellence to provide 2 girls a scholarship in the field of engineering and medicine. It is a merit based program for financially disadvantaged girls.


Project Pragati began in 2010 in an effort to support higher education of underprivileged girls who graduated high school from Pardada Pardadi Educational Society. Bitiya supported ten girls who showed interest in furthering their education. Their degrees were in hospitality, nursing and computer engineering. With the help of our supporters, Bitiya successfully paid for each girl's tuition and school supplies. Bitiya supported these talented girls through the completion of their degree.  


Bitiya was proud to support the efforts of Ms. Mira Nair and her team for their Salaam Balak Trust. This project envisioned saving children from begging on the street. Bitiya contributed $18,000 to help the cause.

PROJECT PRAYAS (2008-2010)

Bitiya donated $6,000 to a diverse group of girls under Project Prayas whose families were unable to afford their education due to inadequate funds or social stigma. These students were in primary, secondary, and college levels and came from various parts of India. They had been accepted into Prayas on the basis of their economic and academic merit. 

ICREATE (2010)

Bitiya partnered with ICreate, which is dedicated to provide entrepreneurship training to the disadvantaged communities in India.


Bitiya donated $10,000 to Mijwan Welfare Society located in an extremely poor and underdeveloped part of the state. Mijwan was the home of the famous Urdu poet late Kaitfi Azmi from Azamgarh, UP in India, father of reowned actress Shabana Azmi.

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